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Delortae Agency™ is firmly established as the UK one stop luxury authentic resource portal. Both services and commitment to clients are now legendary.


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Founded by Brendalee Lambert in 2005, initially as a select private members only club, that quickly grew through recommendations and referrals within the elite luxury authentic handbag community. Built a coveted world wide client base along with an unparalleled reputation for excellence in products, services and client care.

Delortae Agency™ Prestigious, trusted UK supplier of luxury authentic new and pre-owned designer items. Also leading designer and accessories importer and exclusive distributor.

Delortae Agency is the answer

1. Who We Are

UK's first independent luxury authentication & appraisal specialists

UK's first independent luxury authentic BagSPA with more handbag care sole distribution contracts than any other company.

UK's most trusted luxury authentic online designer e-store.

UK's first luxury authentic designer brand affiliated reward club

2. What We Do

Delortae Agency proud to be the UK's first and now leading, luxury independent authentication and appraisal Specialist. We appraise items for re sale, litigation, claims, refunds, insurance purposes or just simply peace of mind.

Delortae Agency is the UK's first luxury independent BagSPA & sole distribution of authentic bag care range. We lovingly restore your luxury authentic items to their previous beauty, reducing our client's expenditure and saving them money.

Delortae Agency is the UK's most trusted luxury online store. Delortae Agency, truly a name you can trust. We source luxury items from our trusted suppliers from around the world to bring to our clients.

3. Who Recommends Us

PayPal, eBay, banks, building societies, credit card companies, insurance companies, reputable auction houses along with major legal and financial authoritative bodies.

Our valued clients and luxury brand boutiques.

Major Brands Intellectual Property Departments & Trademark Copyright Infringement Agencies.

What Clients Say About Us

  • "A heartfelt thank you! I would recommend Delortae Agency without any hesitation: With less than a few hours to meet a PapPal deadline the wonderful Emily, reassured and guided me through the necessary steps. The outstanding work then undertaken by Mr Gerald Harper and the Authentication & Appraisal Team has been nothing short of a humbling miracle. I cannot comment highly enough on their knowledge, professionalism and fierce dedication to meeting a deadline. Delortae Agency is without equal: these individuals have rewritten my experience of customer service, professionalism, dedication, support and initiative. I am now, yet another loyal, humble convert. "

  • "A big thank you to Genius Eddie and the lovely Debbie and team at Delortae. My bag was a complete mess from being doused in vodka and coke in a bar, and I couldn't find any specialist cleaners and normal dry cleaners wouldn't touch it. I stumbled across Delortae as I searched the net and thank goodness I found them - not only did they clean it up beautifully but also managed to invisibly remove two tiny paint splashes it suffered when I had my flat decorated a few months previously. It looks as good as new again. A brilliant service which I have already recommended to a friend. Thanks again x"
  • "I am very pleased with the services of the Delortae agency. They are professional, friendly (that's important to me!) deliver when promise, answer questions, and I think their services are badly needed in the ever expanding world of internet luxury trade. I recommend them!!
  • "Would like to thank Delortae and particularly Debbie for all their help and speedy service.

    I purchased a bag on Ebay and received a fake. In order to get a refund from Paypal UK, I required a letter of non-authentication. I first went to an American authenticator,Carol Diva, who gave her opinion via photographs (Please note: Paypal UK does not tell you up front that non-authentication letters based on photographs will not be accepted.) When they rejected my first letter of non-authentication from the American provider, I only had 3 days, yes, 3 DAYS to find an appraiser to write a letter based on physical examination or else my claim would be cancelled..

    Delortae came to the rescue! They offer a convenient pick up and delivery service and Debbie, the wonderful lady I was in contact with, was very helpful and even returned calls and emails on her day off due to the short time frame involved.

    I was very upset with Paypal and their impossibly short time frame but thanks to Delortae I have received my refund from Paypal. I am very grateful to Delortae."


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