Delortae Agency™ proud to be the first company to introduce independent luxury authentication and BagSPA services to the UK. Then grew through recommendations and referrals through the elite luxury authentic handbag community building a reputation for excellence for products, services and client care which are unparalleled.

Building a successful brand is about offering a level of services that clients can trust and is unrivalled and Delortae Agency have done that and continue to do so.

Delortae Agency is passionate about going above and beyond our clients' expectations and delivering a standard of service they know they can rely upon and trust.

We love to engage with our clients' and listen to their requirements so we can deliver exactly what they expect, right when they need it.

Delortae Agency is committed to enriching society by delivering superior luxury services. We are not afraid to continually challenge conventional wisdom and actively encourage change in order to pursue growth. We are committed to putting our clients at the heart of our business, developing and maintaining long-standing relationships based on trust. We are one company, committed to delivering the full range of our capabilities, knowledge and resources to meet the needs of our clients.

Delortae Agency has built our success on this and continue to deliver a global luxury brand worldwide.


Delortae Agency Promise

Delortae Agency™ today announced the immediate availability of the Delortae Agency™ | Luxury App, a new Mobile App so unique, it's the only one in the World.

Delortae Agency invents ground breaking Delortae Agency™ | Luxury App allowing users to check the authentication of their items, or book in accessories to authentic bagSPA services, as well as online shopping in a dedicated luxury online Loyalty Store, the first of it’s kind in the world.

Delortae Agency™ | Luxury App is available to download through the Android Google Play App Store and shows some love to non-Apple users and delivers a host of other luxury benefits.

Following the huge success of the Dedicated Luxury Online Store, we felt it was time to deliver an app that differs from any other luxury app available in the luxury digital market, combining the benefits of service from our Primary Website, so we did, said Brendalee Lambert, founder of Delortae Agency.



Luxury Consumer Driven

Delortae Agency™ is committed not only to luxury brand protection but also to the luxury consumer and will continue building on this relationship we have successfully built over the years both with major brands, suppliers and luxury consumers.

Consumers are able to upload pictures for appraisal, book their luxury accessories in via the app to our luxury authentic BagSPA and access free support and documentation, plus so much more, as mentioned in our Blog

Consumers can also shop 'fake free' in the Delortae Agency dedicated online store. We also give members access to 24-hour free help and support and download advice along with Loyalty Gifts to members built up through their Loyalty Card.

We have the Delortae Agency | Luxury Mobile website for other mobile devices which delivers some of the benefits but not all, as included in the app Ms Lambert points out.

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Product & Service Resources

Delortae Agency proud to be the first UK company to introduce independent luxury authentication and appraisal service as well as the first UK company to introduce a luxury authentic BagSPA with exclusive luxury BagSPA product distribution. Now, recognised as the UK's most trusted luxury online re seller with our dedicated Online Store, we wanted to add bonus features to our luxury app, Ms Lambert added.

Delortae Agency™ | Luxury App provides peace of mind to luxury shoppers and is changing the face of luxury consumers shopping both products & services. It will revolutionise the way luxury authentic services are brought to the industry by bringing everything into a One Stop Luxury Authentic Resource portal, the only app of its kind in the world. Patent pending.… other independent luxury UK company does more for the authentic consumer community and we continue to build on that. So Contact Us today, there has never been a better time to become part of the Delortae Agency luxury community.

Who We Are

Delortae Agency Are now the country leading authority for unbiased, independent luxury designer authentication and appraisal services, having been the first to introduce the service in the United Kingdom

Established public eminence for gaining optimum results for clients through a commitment to employing professional, experienced top-level personnel, dedicated to their individual area of expertise throughout the company. As an organisation committed to the luxury authentic market and brand protection. No other luxury authentic company does more to bring the best, previously unobtainable, products and services to the UK community and beyond.

What We Do

Non Authentication Statements 90%
UK Most Trusted Online Luxury Reseller 80%
Appraisal Insurance Certificates/Appraisal Authenticity Statements 70%
Luxury Authentic Affiliate Facilitator 85%
Luxury Authentic Luxury Wholesale Supplier 68%
Luxury Authentic BagSPA Services 80%
Luxury Authentic BagSPA Products 90%
Luxury Authentic Luxury Income Club 100%

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An app so unique it's the only one in the world!

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