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Delortae Agency, proud to be the first luxury independent company to introduce authentication services in the UK in 2005, know, more than most, how frustrating it can be seeing unscrupulous vendors claiming authentic goods when they are clearly faking but there are ways we can protect ourselves (and our money!) from these charlatans when all we want to do is purchase a genuine product at a fair price


Anti-counterfeiting, in our role of leading independent unbiased luxury authentication specialist, we view some of the world's most sophisticated counterfeit items ever made. These items, most everyday consumers never get exposed to, but due to the counterfeit market opening up and the ease of obtaining such materials and new countries entering into this lucrative arena, we ask that you please be vigilant in the current climate. We are aware that these items are filtering through to the general domain. It is no secret that Delortae Agency is committed to brand protection, designers copyright and trademark infringement. You will not see pictures how authentic items should look here, as we believe this information is being used by counterfeiters to produce even more sophisticated products and deceive buyers further.

But, if like many of our elite clients, you like only to purchase authentic merchandise then Delortae Agency ensures from us, that is exactly what you will receive we guarantee that 100% of all our original products are verified by us with genuine paperwork to substantiate this where applicable. Our pre-owned items are also verified by us prior to resale.

Let's explore some misconceptions and see if we can help inform, from the wealth of information available, what is truly fact and what is fiction.

We explore the more common brand designer questions, our Appraisal Team are skilled at most high-end brands. They can also call on colleagues worldwide for further confirmation where needed.

One of the most commonly asked questions we receive is questions on Chanel hologram authentication stickers. Firstly, no one inside the house of Chanel ever calls them authentication stickers because frankly, they are not! They are in fact SERIAL NUMBER STICKERS used purely for stock control purposes. Which originated some time ago, the exact year is as yet unknown. Sometimes, we believe, around the late 70's to mid-late 80's it's implementation to prevent stock being stolen from the factory, Chanel now had a way of tracking them. It is not for authentication. If you have an authentic Chanel, that is exactly what it is, with or without a hologram sticker, if your bag is authentic and the sticker comes off it still remains authentic!


Chanel: If you were to ask CHANEL about the serial number sticker, they will probably say,"it is not SERIAL". Chanel store boutique attendants usually say that the sticker is the control number for CHANEL. And they may also say, not all Chanel bags have control numbers. Hence, vintage Chanel bags, bags with new linings (having been repaired), unusual bags in design sometimes have no serial number stickers. On selected pieces, where they feel there may be no appropriate position to place a serial number sticker, simply won't have one. If you take the bag to Chanel and ask them for replacement lining, for instance, they will remove the original lining with serial number sticker and put a new lining often with no serial number sticker. In these circumstances, there is no need to track it, it is already in your possession. Also, they may give you the old lining with serial number sticker or perhaps reposition it on the replacement lining. BUT, if you buy PRE-OWNED and vintage bags, sometimes the previous owner has lost the old lining and the bag may no longer have the serial number sticker inside the bag or maybe there never was one.

CHANEL rarely judge the authenticity in a boutique (this does vary from area to area and central London we found, have always been extremely helpful). This does vary with boutiques, try the concessions in large department stores, they sometimes are more obliging. They usually always judge the authenticity at the CHANEL REPAIR FACTORY. If the bag is fake, they will say, "this is not the product by CHANEL, so we can't accept repairing"

They will repair the bags with no serial number stickers if the bag is authentic. In fact, many French women in France, actually remove the hologram serial number stickers once they purchase their CHANEL items at the boutique, many know that the serial number is not for authentication, it's helpful but not essential. So please do not judge the authenticity only with the serial number stickers.

Watch for the font detail colour, Chanel like to colour match if the hardware is silver so will the interior font colour be likewise if the hardware is gold, gold colour font.

These days counterfeiters are aware many buyers use this mistake to authenticate an item and produce bags which have fake serial number stickers and fake matching serial cards. So it is too dangerous to judge the authenticity only with the stickers. Or, come to that, the Serial Number Cards.

Chanel Number Serial Cards: The numbered code gives you a general idea when the bag was made. Each code will have either 7 or 8 digits. The earlier Chanel bags have 7-digit serial numbers starting with 0, such as 0123456. As more bags were produced, the number gradually increased, so that a few years later, the number started with a 1. Once the number went beyond 9999999, the number became 8 digits long because 10 has two digits. From 2008, they started issuing bags starting with 12. Along with the number change so did some of the identifying features of both the style and design of lettering of the cards and also hologram stock control stickers.

Hermes: You would do well to gem up on Hermes, if this is your chosen bag of choice, authenticate your Hermes bag well before strolling into a Hermes boutique. Not only will they refuse to authenticate your bag they will refuse you service and fake bag carriers have been known to be chased, rather unceremoniously, out the store!

We see a great many counterfeit Hermes, but very few do well. There is not a six-year waiting list for these visions of beauty without good reason. They are hand crafted using the finest skins available. Alligator from Florida, buffalo from Pakistan, crocodile from Australia, lizards from Malaysia, sharks from Thailand, oxen, deer, calf and goats from all over the world. We are not sure if it is the craftsmanship that takes the most time or catching the source material.

Counterfeiters are usually cheap and tatty as the materials they use. As experts, we see some of the more sophisticated counterfeit items. Few will use quality material, but most will not, as these items are factory mass produced and maximum profit is the most important factor. Unfortunately, these suppliers are now including blank copies of original design house receipts into the sale. Fake Hermes are usually always mass factory produced, having said that we are aware of manufacturers claiming 99.9% copies, but most never have the correct finish.The blind stamp under the strap is usually the first thing you should check. Order with confidence from the UK's most trusted seller of exclusive luxury products and services. View Luxury Independent Authentication & Appraisal FAQ

And now with THREE luxury mobile apps, it has never been easier to book your items directly in for authentic appraisal, your bags into our luxury bagSPA or shop in exclusive app members stores only, along with new arrivals! No other UK company does more for the luxury authentic community

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