desktop-delortae-two2 (L)Did You Know? Our Luxury Authentic E-Store source more rare, discontinued, limited edition & rare designer items than any other company in the world!

UK: Authentication Services. Delortae Agency is committed to brand protection. Integrity is as important to us as it is to our clients.

Over the years we have established an excellent working relationship with major brands Copyright Trademark & Infringement Specialist and our Authorised Resellers of new authentic luxury merchandise globally. Purchased directly by Delortae Agency, enable us to buy at substantial savings which we then pass on to our clients. Delortae Agency, is truly, a name you can trust and buy in complete confidence.



Delortae Agency’s goal is to bring the best rare, limited edition, hard to acquire and discontinued pieces from trusted consignment suppliers throughout the world to one place, Delortae Agency's luxury authentic resource portal  is a unique model with a specific focus on luxury authentic designer fashion and accessories.

What truly sets Delortae Agency apart is our trusted reputation as the UK’s leading independent, unbiased  luxury designer authentication and appraisal specialist. Delortae Agency exclusive UK Luxury Designer Resource Portal brings quick and easy desktop access to favourite consignment items together with our luxury authentic handbag SPA, sole UK distribution of luxury authentic handbag care product range and full range of exclusive luxury services worldwide. As a company, we are continually looking at ways we can add and improve the current range of products and services we offer clients, no other UK company does more for the luxury authentic designer community.


App Mobile luxury android

App Mobile luxury android

Buyers don’t have to travel across town or get on a plane to search for a coveted find. Additionally, consumers are also able to consign their luxury authentic items for re sale through the site, safely and securely.

All Delortae Agency’s suppliers are invited or hand-selected into the community for their niche concentration on authentic products and verified by our own authentication in house panel. Delortae Agency are in fact, providing consumers with peace of mind our buyers know that our items have been vetted by our own experienced authentication team prior to listing.

Our reputation as industry leaders is known world wide for excellence, integrity and professionalism, which is why we are such a trusted source for both buyers and sellers.

For your convenience, you can track and trace  your order from dispatch to delivery, with our Track & Trace Service, right here on our website.


Delortae Agency™ Luxury Mobile Website

Delortae Agency™ Luxury Mobile Website

Making the best available, from around the world, to the UK luxury authentic community.  Dedicated to excellence, no other luxury company does more, bringing prestige products, services and client care to your door.

Delortae Agency™ Coupons Features IN APP STORE  FOR LOYALTY rewards. Along with our clients knowing that a percentage of their online purchases go to support both Greenpeace & Unicef UK.

Delortae Agency™ Luxury Loyalty Members App Card

Delortae Agency™ Luxury Loyalty Members App Card

Delortae Agency are extremely proud of the reputation we have established over the years. The result of which, means we now have buyers shopping safely with us. Order with confidence from the UK's most trusted choice and seller of exclusive luxury authentic products and services.

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