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Delortae Agency Authentication & AppraisalDelortae Agency London Independent Designer Authentication & Appraisal Service is committed to luxury brand protection. For that reason, we will never post pictures of an authentic item to compare with a counterfeit.

Quite simply, counterfeit have become more sophisticated over the years, paid largely to this upsurge of websites and forums doing exactly this. The practice serves nothing more than to assist the counterfeiters in producing even more sophisticated counterfeits. It does not benefit the industry nor the consumer.

So let's look at what we are willing to share...HERMES uses the alphabet in chronological order to date their bag. For example, the year 2004 was H and currently, we are on the year I(2009). The craftsman ID should also be next to the blind stamp. Having said that, the more sophisticated counterfeit Hermes will have these, but their font detail will always let them down. Hermes zipper on the inside pocket is never going to be replicated to fool the expert. Hermes has several subtle differences to their zipper and the zipper pull, too hard to describe but we will try to show you through pictures when we have the time. The leather pull strip should be horizontal to the zipper, which should have Hermes 'cleanly' engraved on it. The borders and corners give the counterfeiters a major problem also. Authentic Hermes stand proud and erect due not only to the precision cut of the skin used but also the quality, fake Hermes never sit at the correct height or angle.

The keys and lock should have matching numbers and Hermes engraved on them. The engraving will be fine and the padlock showing the key fit is very distinctive. The trademark three lines, engraved on the padlocks themselves, we have never seen done well. The hardware should be made of palladium or 24-carat gold plate, the counterfeit is made of low-grade steel and the engraving will be rough and unfinished in appearance. The linings are also something to watch for and the colour of the stitching. Hermes use colour stitching uniformity that other design houses do not. Lastly, check the feet on the bottom of the bag; an authentic bag will have solid and sturdy stud attachments (to protect the bag base when setting down), where appropriate.

Watch for the font detail colour, HERMES like to colour match also if the hardware is silver so will the interior font colour be likewise if the hardware is gold, gold colour font. Like Chanel, Hermes no longer authenticates bags in its boutiques they also will authenticate at the HERMES REPAIR FACTORY, so if you want your Hermes authenticated take it along for a repair but be prepared for a long wait!

Louis Vuitton: LV authentication, better off heading for the main boutique, Yes, some designers do have factory outlets and some sell at wholesale. The world's most favoured designer to replicate (and definitely one of ours, in particular, LV North Carolina USA who recommended a client to us for authentication, thank you), Louis Vuitton, is not one of them. By this we mean to sell at retail, they do not sell floor models at discounted prices. They only take returns within 14 days if they are in pristine, unused condition and sell them at FULL PRICE. They destroy merchandise that is unusable or unsold once that season is over. Typically, this merchandise ends up sold to the staff, who do not receive LV discounts, at a reduced price. That holds true for most top design houses that don't use the services of Authorised Resellers or through their own outlets. Louis Vuitton, do still helpfully, authenticate in store, but never confirmed in writing. Usually, this will be done by the boutique manager, so do not be surprised if the assistant disappears with your item for a while. Also, don't be surprised if authenticating in France, not to get it back!

Also, for Louis Vuitton in particular, things to look out for would be if there is a round white tag hanging from the item, and should it even be there? Louis Vuitton does not add these to their products. Is there an ink-stamped number on the hang tag or a swatch of fabric hanging from the bag and/or white tissue and tape wrapped around the hardware, handles or around the zipper pull? all sure indicators of fakes.

We take this opportunity to thank the Counterfeit, Trademark Infringement and Copyright Specialist at all the major design houses for their kind co-operation in working with us on their brand items submitted for further verification.

A word from our Authentication Team...
As many of you are aware, Delortae Agency endeavour to work closely with all the major brand designers Counterfeit, Intellectual Property, Copyright & Trademark Infringement Specialists. We wanted you to know what happens when major brand designers within our progressive alliance target sites that we have on our Counterfeit Alert List. Just click the link below and see what action Chanel & Louis Vuitton took recently to a website that had been on our list for several yearsThis is an external link 

See our basic Quick Guide To Spot A Fake for more information or Contact Us for a more detailed report on all the designers and how to authenticate their products.  Counterfeiters will fake the Louis Vuitton card, serial number, box, bag, padlock, key, security line, font detail and receipt! Fraud is indefensible so please always shop wisely, an opportunity to buy a bargain should not be a reason to lose your senses!

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