Inigo Reinvents Digital Luxury Business Networking

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Inigo Reinvents Digital Luxury Business Networking


Delortae Agency is both honoured and proud to be the Inigo App European Brand Ambassador. By this appointment, Delortae Agency will showcase this revolutionary digital business card will change the landscape for luxury business networking embracing and combining luxury fashion with digital innovation.

Luxury Income Club Fashion Digital Innovators with the Your Future events and Inigo App has a keen focus on personalisation and sustainability. fashion will be one of the industries to watch for digital innovation.

FASHION YOUR FUTURE is a collection of events to inspire businesses to find better ways to connect with their customers on the right level. These events are structured to carve a much-needed digital voice in the luxury industry. The event will bring together senior business professionals and introduce them to a unique digital luxury marketing and networking experience through a series of inspiring talks and valuable networking.

Delortae Agency endorses Inigo Digital Business Card shape how Luxury Income Club brand affiliates use digital technology to network and grow their network.

Inigo saves you time and money

Save money and skip the hassle of designing and ordering paper business cards and create branded business cards for every employee with Inigo.

Target leads more efficiently

Whenever you shake a hand Inigo is working for you by collecting who you met, where you met, and a piece of contact information to remember them by.

Export your contacts to any CRM

Less than 12% of paper business cards end up in a company’s CRM. With Inigo, upload 100% of the contacts your team meets to one centralised database.

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Andrew Amann

Andrew Amann

Entrepreneur, Founder of Inigo, Technology Lead, Mobile App Prototype Expert, Inventor


Delortae Agency Leaders In Digital Luxury Innovation

"How did the meeting go?" - Your Boss.

"Great they seemed to really enjoy the presentation, they said they would contact me within the next week. I will keep you posted."

Imagine this same scenario with Inigo

"How did the meeting go?" - Your Boss

"It went really well, the presentation was a success! The VP of sales reviewed the presentation three times after the meeting and 4 of the 6 representatives that I met with already viewed my profile and website."

The power of digital business cards

Inigo gave insight and value from the same meeting in ways that were unimaginable before.  First, the presenter got immediate feedback on which clients viewed his business card.  This might not seem important, but when you consider 80% of all business cards are thrown out it is nice to know that your card is viewed.  Second, the presenter is able to understand how many times this card is viewed providing insight on client interest.  Considering there are timestamps on each view, it can be assumed there is increased interest when there are multiple views spaced out over time.

The card is clickable

Have your marketing team set up a UTM URL for each link you put on your business card.  If you are not familiar with UTM you can read more here:

When your internal analytics are reviewed you can understand incredible amounts of data from that click.  Where was the click performed? What country was that person in? How long was the link viewed for? What other pages were viewed?

Do you think a piece of paper provides these insights?

Your Client can follow up much easier 

The card that you provided to all of your clients is immediately on their phones, in the emails or text message history.  This is very important for when they want to remember to call.  The client does not have to travel back to the location of the card to make a call.  His phone has all of the information and details to follow up and make the second introduction.  After all, the second introduction is the first step in building a relationship.

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Hear from Founder of Inigo Technology Lead Mobile App Expert and Inventor, Andrew Amann;

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