Delortae Agency initially began as a select Private Members Only Club, that quickly grew through recommendations and referrals through the elite luxury authentic handbag community building a reputation in excellence for products, services and client care which is unparalleled.

Now better known, as an international prestigious, trusted UK supplier and trusted luxury authentic re-sellers of new and pre owned fashion designer items.
Currently United Kingdoms leading trusted independent luxury authentic designer and

accessories importer and exclusive sole distribution contracts holder. No other UK company goes further for the luxury community.

Delortae Agency Are now the country's leading authority for unbiased, independent luxury designer authentication and appraisal services. With a Head Office based in Cambridgeshire and Central London administration office. With our complete range of exclusive luxury authentic products and services, we reduce our client's expenditure and save them a considerable amount of money.

Delortae Agency Since being established, have hundreds of clients' "Living the Luxury" and a prestigious client base worldwide. An established public eminence for gaining optimum results for clients through a commitment to employing professional, experienced top-level personnel, dedicated to their individual area of expertise throughout the company. As an organisation committed to the luxury authentic market and brand protection. No other luxury authentic company does more to bring the best, previously unobtainable, products and services to the UK community and beyond.